Papers Under Review

  • Burchfield, E., Williams, N., Carrico, A. (2017). Assessing the expansion of a traditional drought adaptation strategy among rice farmers in Sri Lanka’s dry zone.  Under review.  
  • Tozier de la Poterie, A., Burchfield, E., Carrico, A.R. The implications of group norms for adaptation in collectively-managed agricultural systems: evidence from Sri Lankan Paddy farmers. Under second review at Ecology and Society.
  • Burchfield, E., Tozier de la Poterie, A. (2017). Determinants of crop diversification in rice-dominated agricultural systems.  Under review.

Works in Progress

  • Data-driven drought effect estimation, SESYNC Graduate Pursuit co-PI (more information here).
  • Land-use variable drought response (with Katherine Nelson).
  • Agent-based modeling of multiscalar determinants of agricultural adaptation (with Jonathan Gilligan).